The God of Chimneys, a poem written by T. L. Murphy at

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The poems are different, finally, because of the hopeful tone at the end of the first, and the hopeless tone at the end of the second. Both poems’ focus is God. In the first poem the chimney sweeper has a dream of going to heaven, and is told that he will be allowed into heaven ". .

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I’ve written you a poem – you read it left to right, agape. Alex.I love you!! You’re a fantastic friend, lover, daddy to our little girl, not to mention a kick ass musician. Can’t wait for our.

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A poet and playwright born in Berlin of Jewish parents, Sachs escaped from Nazi Germany in 1940 to Stockholm, where she became a Swedish citizen, and eventually, she was the first Jewish woman to win a Nobel Prize, hers being for Literature in 1966.

Smoke from the chimney against a gray sky, Wherever you’re going, thither go I. The heart of a youth will forever repeat The natural longing of youth’s itchy feet. Smoke from the chimney, what lands you traverse, Sailing out over all countries of earth. Smoke from the chimney, I sit with fixed eye.

Don’t Blame God Poetry by Lance Landall A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from Spiritual and Inspirational poetry that touch the heart and soul, and provoke the mind.

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Songs of Innocence and Experience. Other characters are the chimney sweeper’s parents, God, God’s priest and the King. And all these characters seem to think that they have done no harm to the chimney sweeper just because he appears happy. This is a critique of the church and state institutions.