Housing Outlook Remains Weak While Labor Market Stays Strong

The decision by the Monetary Policy Committee of the South African Reserve Bank to leave the repo rate unchanged is most welcome in a climate where the economic and housing market outlook remains weak. Save for any major dilemma, it also now seems likely that we will see the year out without any.

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Housing: Positive outlook for 2018. Demand for single-family housing will remain strong in 2018, mirroring 2017. Positive job gains and attractive interest rates continue to bring buyers to the market. Consumer confidence remains high as employment growth remains positive, interest rates continue to be attractive,

The weak headline inflation is a key reason the RBA will bring a rate cut discussion to the table because it is important now, more than ever, to provide easier monetary policy to push inflation.

Housing Outlook Remains Weak, While Labor Market Stays Strong VNQ , IYR , XHB Fri, May 24, 7:06 AM American Institute of Economic Research 4 Comments Housing Collapse 2.0 Continues As.

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Overall, despite weakness in housing, the economy continues to be supported by a tight labor market, rising incomes, solid balance sheets, and reasonably high levels of consumer confidence.

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(Reuters) – Canada’s housing market will stay stuck in the doldrums. the improving integration of immigrants on the labor market and the preference of millennials are creating a strong demand for.

So, for much of the 20th century, big cities built housing close to jobs. When the inner ring of suburbs filled up, cities built freeways to whisk workers to the next.

The Outlook for Housing. As the mining sector transitioned from the construction to the production phase of the mining boom, the demand for labour fell. The number of people on skilled visas fell and the inflow of people from New Zealand and other Australian states turned to an outflow.

young adults buying homes, demand for rental housing remained high-as did. 2016, while the median income among young adults in the key. As we mark.

The dollar held losses against a basket of currencies after the data, while U.S. Treasury yields edged higher. WORKER SHORTAGES. While the labor market remains strong, there are concerns that a shortage of workers and the Trump administration’s tougher stance on immigration could impede job growth.