Tax, superannuation & the economy: What does the election result mean?

Argall’s Property Tax Independence Act would eliminate new school property taxes, but keep taxes in place until existing school district debt is paid off. The personal income tax would increase to 4.34 percent, and the sales tax would increase to 7 percent. Sales taxes would expand to include clothing and certain foods.

The election. long as he or she does not feel the negative consequences too personally. The question remains: how will the same voters react if the collapse of the German auto industry results in.

We suspect he wants to see more aggressive interest rate cuts this year to boost the US economy ahead of the November 2020.

Calling this a pre-election . Budget would be simplistic and not a fair assessment of measures that have been announced to address important needs across the economic and social spectrums of the Australian community. The following analysis details the tax and superannuation measures in this year’s Federal Budget.

The Mortgage Myth Stopping 1 in 3 People from Trying to Buy a Home – Cory Segall People, especially those living paycheck to paycheck, want certainty that $100 will be able to buy you pretty much the same stuff a week from now, or a year from now, as it does today. Even at 1.

Many people with money invested in superannuation assume there is some kind of deposit guarantee, such as that offered under the financial claim scheme (fcs). However, the means by which superannuation is invested, may mean that your deposit into super is not covered. Firstly, you need to understand the scope of the FCS.

We expect that an election will be called shortly and Australians will go to the polls in May. Despite some downside risks to the economy, increased tax collections and cost savings have resulted in an anticipated Budget surplus in 2019-20 of $7.1 billion with further surpluses anticipated over the medium term.

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Super contributions – too much can mean extra tax. There are caps on the amount you can contribute to your super each financial year to be taxed at lower rates. If you contribute over these caps, you may have to pay extra tax.

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