Rihanna Brings Awareness To Sudan Massacre

Watch Rihanna Brings Awareness to Ongoing Sudan Massacre – video dailymotion – HipHopWired on dailymotion

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Hip hop star Rihanna is using her fame to bring awareness about the humanitarian and political crisis currently happening in Sudan. Rihanna took to social media to bring awareness to the violence occurring in Sudan. On Tuesday, she posted a message to her 71.9 million Instagram followers. >> Read more trending news

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It was also established that the killer’s father is a congregant at the Noor mosque which was close the the shopping center where the massacre took place. According to CBS News: Sulejman Talovic quit school at 16, but had continued to attend Friday prayers at a Salt Lake City mosque until December, when he got a job under pressure from his father.

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Rihanna brings awareness to ongoing Sudan massacre. Rihanna brings awareness to ongoing Sudan massacre. News. News. All News; Local News; Local Weather; Local Traffic; AJC Investigations; Crime;

Rihanna Brings Awareness to Ongoing Sudan Massacre. Rihanna Brings Awareness to Ongoing Sudan Massacre Following months of civilian protest in Sudan, former president Omar al-Bashir was removed from office by a military coup and arrested in April of this year.

 · If you Google the word Darfur, you will find about 13 million references to the atrocities in the western Darfur region of Sudan — what the United States has said is this century’s first genocide.

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