New rule may make it tougher to get reverse mortgage

An AARP Public Policy Institute analysis of HUD data shows that under the new rules, a 62-year-old borrower getting a reverse mortgage with a 5 percent interest rate would be able to draw 11 percent less money from a home than under current rules. For an 80-year-old borrower, there would be a 12 percent reduction.

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Under new rules that go into effect on September 30, borrowers will be restricted to about 15 percent less money under a reverse mortgage due to even tougher qualifying. Also, the pricing of reverse mortgages is being restructured to encourage borrowers to withdraw their money much more slowly.

'Predatory Capitalism On Steroids': Black Seniors Losing Homes Because Of Reverse Mortgages Getting a reverse mortgage may sound like the answer to a homeowner’s financial issues. Instead of the homeowner paying the lender every month as in a conventional mortgage, in a reverse mortgage, the lender sends a monthly check to the homeowner. A new rule may make it tougher to get a reverse mortgage.

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 · New federal rules that kicked in on April 27, 2015 may make it harder for some people to qualify for reverse mortgages.

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Tighter Rules Will Make It Harder to Get a Reverse Mortgage, Wall Street Journal, Sep 6, 2013. Tighter Rules for Reverse Mortgages , Anne Tergesen, Wall Street Journal, August 25, 2013. Changes to the Home Equity conversion mortgage program Requirements , (Federal Register / Vol. 78 , No. 177 / Thursday, September 12, 2013 / Page 56576).

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New Rules Make It More Difficult to Get a Reverse mortgage february 2nd, 2015 The federal government has tightened the rules regarding reverse mortgages, making it harder for some seniors to get these types of mortgages and reducing the amount of their home’s value that they can tap.

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