Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: The 60 Minutes interview

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Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, appeared on the TV magazine 60 Minutes last night. If you’re craving empty calories, watch it here. The whole interview was an exercise in banal pleasantries, not to mention deadly dull. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Fed Chairs, nothing to see here, move along.

Jerome Powell: The 60 minutes interview The U.S. economy is about to hit record territory, 10 years of continued expansion, though there are some signs that that expansion could be slowing. Economists and the president will debate whether the Federal Reserve is the reason.

On Sunday, March 11, 2019, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was interviewed by Scott Pelley on 60 Minutes. We thought it would be helpful to cite a few sections of their conversation and provide you with prior articles in which we addressed the topics discussed.

Economists and the president will discuss whether the Federal Reserve is the cause. The Federal Reserve chair is probably the most powerful person to handle our finances. But interviews with the Fed boss are rare. Chairman Jerome Powell was appointed to the Board of President Obama and last year was chaired by President Trump.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said interest. our policy rate we think is in an appropriate place,” Powell said in a wide-ranging interview that aired Sunday on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” He.

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: The 60 Minutes Interview . Jerome Powell tells Scott Pelley if the Fed will raise interest rates agian, gives his view on whether or not President Trump can fire him and outlines the current risks to the U.S. economy

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Fed Chairman Jerome Powell talks with Scott Pelley of the CBS News program "60 Minutes" on Sunday. Federal Reserve chairman jerome powell turned into a cheerleader for the economy in an interview.

Chairman Jerome Powell was appointed to the board of governors by President Obama and was elevated last year to chairman by President Trump. Since then the Fed has raised interest rates four times leading Mr.Trump to call the Federal Reserve "crazy." 60 Minutes Overtime: The Federal Reserve, 10 years after the Great Recession