Banks told to find £10bn to prepare for spiralling consumer debt

Rather than selling its struggling westlandutrecht bank subsidiary, which the commission originally demanded by the end of 2012, ING will be allowed to merge it with its Nationale-Nederlanden.

More than a million seniors qualify for new-look Pension Loan Scheme The extension of the Pension Loans Scheme (PLS) will be of greatest benefit to full pensioners with no other options to increase their income but it is also a fact that the scope of this "government reverse mortgage" is limited because it doesn’t offer a lump-sum option.

Last month, the Bank said UK lenders could incur £30bn of losses on their lending on credit cards, personal loans and for car finance if interest rates and unemployment rose sharply, and told them they would need to hold £10bn more capital to protect against losses. Next month, each lender will find out how much extra capital the Bank will expect them to hold against these type of losses.

Help-to-buy: This has tested our marriage to the limit’ The commitment from our staff, volunteers, and the community enabled us to conduct a successful exercise that tested our ability to respond in the event of a large scale communicable disease outbreak.

The FSA has told RBS, along with the other banks that want to avail themselves of its bailout programme, to build much bigger capital cushions to absorb spiralling bad debt losses.. 9bn-10bn to.

Britain’s banks will have to find another 10 billion to cover potential losses in their portfolios of credit card, personal loan and car finance debt, the Bank of England has said.

 · UK economy: Drenched in debt. Once recovery is established, however, this debate will fade as the need for budgetary consolidation to avoid a spiralling burden of debt will become paramount. The second issue is the need to find the correct balance between raising taxation and spending cuts as a route to lower borrowing.

Escalating global debt threatens a new financial crisis. Global debt is spiralling out of control and the next financial crisis appears to be imminent. With few lessons learned since the 2008 recession, what will become of the world once it has been consumed by its own losses?

Santander wants to make its purpose more tangible’ as it shifts brand positioning Completing the brand positioning canvas will walk you through the motions of establishing how your product or service will be developed and how its story will be told to your customers. This is a vital internal study to set a strong strategic foundation for the long haul and it will sync your team’s actions under the same values.

A consumer debt crisis could cost banks 30bn, Bank of England warns. The Bank of England has kept interest rates on hold at their post-Brexit low of 0.25% – but warned earlier this month that a rise is "likely" in the "coming months" if inflation continues to surge above its 2% target. Unemployment has fallen to its lowest level since 1975,

Action is needed to boost economic growth, the Governor of the Bank of England said yesterday. Amid warnings that Britain could lose its prized aaa credit rating, Sir Mervyn King issued a downbeat.