House dream of first-time buyers slips further away

Rising rates and the withdrawal of an extended government grant have pushed the dream of owning a home further away for first time buyers, new data shows. Housing dream slips further, says HIA

First-time homebuyers face challenges, no doubt. That said, the availability of mortgages down payments as low as 3% (FHA requires 3.5%, Conventional 97, HomeReady and HomePossible all as little as 3%) mean that you might not need to save for years to have enough for a down payment (even if a larger down payment is usually a good idea).

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About the author: The above article "7 Reasons Why Your Offer To Purchase A House Was Rejected" was written by Xavier De Buck, your top-producing Johannesburg real estate agent.Xavier has been nationally recognized and awarded for providing service excellence, exceptional property sales, whilst exhibiting the highest level of professionalism.

How to get over the house that got away is a common. Lower-priced homes can also slip away quickly if buyers misjudge interest and bid too low. “It’s especially a problem for first-time buyers,”.

The latest ONS house building statistics revealed that, comparing the three months of December 2014 to February 2015, with the previous three months, September to November 2014, construction.

For millennials in Canada, the middle class dream slips a little further away: OECD The houseplant. new mortgage rules.

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Many first time home buyers may not know this, but a Bank of America Pre-approval letter is one of the worst approval letters you can use if you are looking to purchase a home. Many listing agents.

First-time buyers in LA altering criteria to achieve homeownership Smaller lots and communities further away from the city are becoming a reality for new homebuyers by Rochelle Maize

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