How would federal tax overhaul hit California? Dan Walters expects a wealth exodus

‘Property Man’ host and Fox News legal analyst Bob Massi discusses reports that many wealthy Californians are fleeing the state over GOP tax reform concerns.

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When President Donald Trump signed an overhaul of the federal tax system six. Dan Walters: California can’t sidestep federal tax impact. For more stories by Dan Walters, go to Commentary.

Most noticeably, the federal tax bill limits deductions for mortgage interest and state and local taxes (SALT), which would hit those in upper-middle and upper economic classes the hardest, because they are most likely to bump up against those limits.

BP Expects US$1.5 Billion Charge Related To US Tax Overhaul January 3, 2018 daily news europe and MENA BP PLC said Tuesday it would take a roughly US$1.5 billion accounting charge for its latest quarter related to the U.S. tax overhaul, though it added that a corporate tax cut would be a long-term positive.

California company has pot license, workers still arrested December 28, 2017 Ara Catchatoorian Biz TV The confusing rollout of marijuana regulations in California has been underscored in Mendocino County, where local authorities licensed a company to deliver pot only to have state police arrest two.

Federal Tax Overhaul Could Lead to Changes in Some States For many Americans, the result is expected to be lower federal tax obligations, at least initially

Federal tax overhaul could lead to changes in some states. and nearly all of them rely to some degree on definitions from the federal tax code. economists expect that many states will see their. Republican Tax Reform May Accelerate Exodus Out of California. – The Mises Institute just released a study on the phenomenon of tax exodus, and it found that 7.5 million people have left high-tax states, Puplava noted. The top destinations were Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

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Federal tax overhaul could lead to changes in some states. and nearly all of them rely to some degree on definitions from the federal tax code. Economists expect that many states will see their.

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One Republican strategist suggested a speech by Palin on tax cuts — strong territory for the GOP — in Wisconsin, a huge snowmobiling/snowmaching state where she has high name ID and obvious appeal..

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Dan Walters writes for CALmatters, a public interest journalism venture committed to explaining how California’s state Capitol works and why it matters. For more stories by Dan Walters, go to.

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