Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward–and What To Do About It

As a result, instead of analytics becoming increasingly self-service-oriented, for the first time the world of analytics was actually going backward, away from the self-service ideal.

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The IT department may still have a role in configuring the system, but from then on, regular users can focus on insights from the data, not the technology. While many tools are described as Self-Service BI, they might not all be user-friendly. This blog post outlines ten reasons why you need a true SSBI solution, and what that solution should.

So, pretty much everything around that, from analytics. your go-to-market strategy. When you started it was all self-service, then you added a direct salesforce and more directly a partner channel..

Self-Service BI: What You Need to Know Almost 50 percent of respondents "strongly prefer" self-service, while a further 20 percent "somewhat prefer" it. Thus, more than two-thirds, combined, want to "do data" themselves,

Business intelligence has gone from static reports that tell you what happened, to interactive dashboards where you can drill into information to try and understand why it happened. What the tools. Powerful also means complex – very complex compared to self-service analytics. analysts have wanted the self-service BI capability that allows them to not have to stand in line to get their work.

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Why Self-Service Analytics Has Gone Backward-and What To Do About It During the past decade, the assertion that the data warehouse is required to be the center of an enterprise data system started to break down in a variety of ways.

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Self-service analytics is an application of business intelligence in which business professionals are encouraged to extract data, generate reports and run queries on their own. As the name suggests, self-service analytics is a simple-to-use BI tool that enables professionals to extract value out of the data with no IT support, using various.