Speculation over the RBA launching QE continues to grow, even before it’s actually cut rates

One of the problems of low inflation is that it can fuel low growth, and after years of trying to spark some movement on this front the RBA has now just lowered its inflation predictions even further.

Media Release Statement by Philip Lowe, Governor: monetary policy decision. The Bank’s central forecast for the Australian economy is for GDP growth to pick up, to average a bit above 3 per cent over the next couple of years. The data over the summer have been consistent with this outlook.

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Even before the end of the 1980s, the foreign exchange market had developed significantly, with the average daily turnover of Australian dollars in the Australian market having risen more than eightfold since the time of the float. By the early 1990s, volatility was also much reduced (graph 2).

The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia to leave interest rates at 1.5% today may fuel some speculation that the next move in rates will be up, although not for a long time.

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With overnight index swaps still pricing in at least 1 rba rate cut over the next year, the markets likely saw today’s announcement as impeding on near-term priced in policy easing.

The sterling climbed against all of its counterparts. 70bps worth of hikes over the coming 12-month fall back to 45bps, while the probability of an RBA cut next month has dropped from 70 percent to.

"If the Fed were hiking four times in the next 12 months, maybe the RBA wouldn’t have to do as much work at its end, but while we continue to question the Fed’s ability to normalise rates.

These dynamics will continue to support prices for some time yet. Nevertheless we expect that over the. The RBA will almost certainly decide to hold rates unchanged at their March meeting – as they.

Even during the global financial crisis the cash rate stayed generally 1% above the inflation rate. Having to cut. RBA to slash rates to 0.75% before the year is out. Rates falling below 1% will.

RBA signals another cut in interest rates on low inflation, rising dollar. 1.3 per cent well below the RBA’s target range of 2 to 3 per cent over time.. are growing that the RBA will cut.