What Is a Good Credit Score for Renting an Apartment? How Low Will Landlords Go?

 · Hopefully. It’s easy to generalize and assume all landlords are looking for the same thing. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. To some landlords you may be the perfect tenant and they would love to rent your apartment to you. Other landlords it s.

What Is Considered a Good Credit Score? How Can I Get One? –  · The answer to whether or not your credit score is a “good” score or a “bad” score depends on what kind of credit you are trying to obtain and the maximum interest rate that will make you happy. For something relatively small like a personal loan or a credit card,

Why doesn’t your credit score come from the government? – Landlords. a good metric for how they’ll handle debts offered on fair terms. Meanwhile, for anyone who rents an apartment,

What Is a FICO Score? – and if your score is poor, you may have trouble buying a home, renting an apartment, securing an auto loan, or getting approved for a credit card. In fact, in some situations, having too low a score.

How landlords and property managers check credit. When she runs a background and credit check on a potential tenant, she looks for people who have a certain credit rating roughly equal to a 600 FICO score. She asks for a higher credit score when renting out upscale homes or condos. She also looks at social media, county records and bank statements, among other things, to check for consistency.

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Credit score needed for rental. Some landlords don’t check credit, or you can be a roommate without a credit check. Less-expensive rentals require 600 to 620 FICOs. Premium, more expensive apartments and homes require 740 or higher.

However, some apartment communities have strict credit requirement. Ordering your credit report before applying for a rental provides clues as to whether you’ll receive an approval. Credit score requirements vary by landlord; however, 680 or higher is considered to be a good credit score.

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7 Ways to Rent An Apartment With Bad Credit – You’ve found the ideal apartment in the middle of the big city. But there’s one problem: Financial mistakes in the past have left you with a low credit score. Now you’re worried that landlords..

Landlord Poll: What is the MINIMUM Credit Score You’d. –  · Anyhow, since I’m considering going the route of a "rent-to-own" option I was wondering what the MINIMUM credit score range you landlords would accept from a prospective tenant. I’m not sure if you landlords tend to go by the three-score average or the harshest (Equifax) in your determination, so please elaborate upon that as well (you’ll be.

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