Scattered Canary Evolves From One-Man Operation to BEC Giant


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Scattered Canary evolves to steal millions of dollars in. – Scattered Canary evolves to steal millions of dollars in different BEC attacks. The group has been actively targeting US enterprises and government institutions. The group uses various techniques to get their job done easier and faster.

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Trade & Industry – International Money transfer comparison. – According to the site, the group is called scattered canary, and has plied its BEC trade over the past decade. The group has evolved from a “one-man shop” that originally scammed victims on Craigslist, and now has dozens of fraudsters targeting smaller firms through BEC – with an emphasis on U.S. companies and government agencies.

OODA Loop – Newly-Identified BEC Cybergang Targets U.S. – Agari recently released a new report on the evolution of Scattered Canary, a rising Nigerian cybercrime group specializing in business email compromise (BEC) attacks on large organizations.. Researchers have been tracking Scattered Canary since 2008, when it was still a one-man operation. Since then, the group has evolved "very much like a business from the startup phase to the corporate.

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